Over the past decade rather century or so, poker game has evolved immensely. With its evolution, so have the rules and winnings that govern the game. Nowadays many different kinds of poker exist out of which the most popular ones are 5 Card Draw, 7 Card Stud, Texas Hold’em Poker.

Poker game now stands at a categorization of several hundred types. The basic point of any casino game is to make money. The same goes for poker game. Poker game stands on the same basic principles. In poker, the dealer begins by dealing each player 2 face down cards. The player can call, raise or fold as he or she wishes! Last comes the flop; the dealer burns the top card and places 3 cards on the table face up.

This begins the 2nd round of betting. In ‘The Turn’ the dealer burns a card and another card placed face up on the table. This begins the round 3 of the betting. Next up is the ‘River’ in which the dealer burns a card and places the last card face up on the table. Last comes the 4th and final round of betting. A player can use any combination of the 7 available cards – 5 community cards and 2 in hand – to make best 5 card poker hand. Hands are revealed.  The best hand wins.


Rules can vary but the basics do remain the same. With the passage of time, like everything else, casinos have gone online. Online poker is a very favorite past time for many people. Malaysia Online Casino free credit provides such services round the clock. The main thing is to just go online and start playing. Winning comes later. It actually does; with experience and comfort with the online ways.  At Online Casino Free Credit life is a lot faster than real time casinos. There aren’t any dealers, just online machines which instantly deal the cards so that you don’t have to wait on anyone else and enjoy playing in the comforts of your own home. Moreover, in Malaysia Online Casino Free Credit the option for multiple tables is also available where you can receive more hands in online poker game giving you a better start.

Whatever hand you are dealt, it could be a good one or a bad one. Depends on your luck! But there are ways in which you could achieve better winning results even if dealt with a bad hand in online poker game. Just get ready for making money in a poker at Malaysia Online Casino.


When you are dealt with a bad hand online in a poker game, your winning sum largely depends upon the skillset of yours and your opponent. As said earlier, online people have no information at all of each other. This makes the game all the more interesting and mystifying. One of the rules that will take you far in online poker is patience which sadly enough isn’t practiced by many. Practicing patience means letting go of the cards and waiting for a better hand to be dealt. After all, winning comes after a bit of losing. However, if you are a practiced player at poker, then you will have to bluff your opponent in making him see that you have stronger hand even if you don’t. But again, Practice makes a man perfect and the same rule applies in an online poker game.

This in short is what an online poker game represents. Playing it at a Malaysia Online Casino Free Credit will certainly make the experience memorable. With online poker, you can enjoy it any time and at any place even on your smartphone or tablet. Just make sure that you enjoy the feel of the game be it winning or losing. Either way, it is an experience. A time will come when you will win big time-a jackpot. That’s when all of it will count and it does.

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